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Meet Ms. Cortez

Natalia C_

"Well I can't describe her exactly- except to say she was beautiful. She was- tremendously alive." 

     Hello Sweetness, Welcome in!

In search of someone soft spoken and addictively feminine?

I'm Natalia, an exotic temptress in my early 20's. You can often find me gallivanting up and down the coast in search of the newest vegan restaurants to indulge in. I've got an affinity for classical literature, fashion, and nature.


   I stand a dainty 5'2 with vibrant laughter, sparkling almond shaped eyes, and a genuine smile that will drive you wild! I have a fondness for fitness and invest much of my time maintaining my impeccable honey complexion and toned yet curvaceous figure. I love being an all natural beauty. I've had no cosmetic enhancements, no tattoos, minimal piercings, an unmarked masterpiece if you will.


   Whether we're sharing a meal, at the theatre, or enjoying a night in; you're sure to find my laid back and graceful demeanor intoxicating. Let's embark on a evening filled with excitement and romance.

 With Affection,

     Natalia Cortez

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